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Ever experience where your spouse is to cold and you’re too hot? Or your spouse is to hot and your freezing. Well, we can make sure your home is as comfortable as possible. The right combination of heating and cooling, will bring you and your family a level of comfort like never before. Especially in Rochester, New York; one of the few cities in the world where you can personally experience all four seasons in one day.

So, save yourself the hassle and call High Performance Heating & Cooling today. (585) 3-HAROLD, or visit www.HappyHaroldHeating.com

And since we are moving into the summer season (Hopefully Rochester ) let me just tell you some information on our cooling service!

We at High Performance are fully certified and highly trained! With our professional installers years of experience installing cooling equipment and receive daily training to stay up to date on the latest. They’ll treat your house and possessions with the utmost respect. Their first priority? Your cooling comfort.

High Performance is recognized for efficiently completing our work without leaving any loopholes behind. Before we even begin working, we’ll give you full estimates with no hidden charges.

So remember Rochester, Temperature not right day or night, call HAROLD! (585) 3-HAROLD.

This is Harold!

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Who is Happy Harold and what does he have to do with HVAC? Well, imagine a hot summer Saturday. You have just had a terribly long week at work and the air conditioning unit gives out. Your spouse is asleep, and the kids are running around like crazy. You just wanted one day to yourself, to relax and enjoy life. Just shout “HAROLD!”
It could also be a cold winter night, and you’re having a furnace emergency at the worst possible time. Shout “HAROLD.” The Boiler gives out, shout “HAROLD.” You want to understand more and compare different types of water heaters. Shout, or maybe just say nicely, “Harold.” I think you see my point.
The thing is Harold will come to your rescue when you him, and Harold leads the “High Performance Heating & Cooling” Team.
Not only do we offer you the best expertise on boilers for the region, but we help answer any questions you might have regarding HVAC; to help you come up with the best decision regarding what you may need. Just tweet your questions to @HighPerHVAC or call us at (585) 3-HAROLD.

Remember, the next time your furnace needs repaired, your air conditioner needs replacing, or your questions need answering, Call HAROLD, and the High Performance Team will be there to help.
For more information, and our latest discounts visit www.happyharoldheating.com

Beware of the cottonwood! Your HVAC unit is at risk!

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Beware of the cottonwood! Your HVAC unit is at risk!


Late May and early June is a great time of year, everything is warming up and becoming beautiful and green outside, yet at the same time this beautiful weather could be costing you a fortune. You might have notice all of the cottonwood that has been plaguing everyone’s yards the past couple weeks. You might not think anything of it, you might ignore it and just go about your day. What you might not know is that all of that cottonwood builds up on your air conditioning units, air handlers, any kind of outside HVAC unit is at risk of becoming covered with cotton, clogging everything and forcing your HVAC units to work harder than they should be. Forcing your HVAC units to work harder than they should is going to drastically impact the proper operation of the unit, causing you to pay more per month just to simply run your air conditioner or air handler. Here at High Performance Heating, we feel that you shouldn’t pay a single penny more than the absolute minimum per month, just to stay comfortable and not over heat during the summer. If you have noticed more and more cottonwood showing up in your yard, it might make more sense to act now before it’s to late.

There is one option available to you, free of charge: cleaning the condenser fins on your air conditioning unit., which are fine metal blades that surround the unit. They get dirty because a central fan sucks air through them, pulling in dust, dead grass, dead leaves and the worst culprit, floating cotton from cottonwood trees. When the cotton blocks the airflow it reduces the unit’s cooling ability, causing it to struggle to bring in air. Before you just start taking the hose and spraying down your outside HVAC unit, you need to cut the electrical power to the unit. This can be done by pulling out the fuse on the disconnect box that’s mounted on the side of your house behind your air conditioner. If you’re having trouble finding it or figuring it out, you can shut off the power at your main electrical box in your house. You’ll want to clean your HVAC unit on a day that is at least 60 degree F so you can turn on your air conditioner after to test and make sure it works. With how hot the weather has been recently this shouldn’t be a problem. We really recommend that you give us a call because if your not a certified HVAC technician your going to have a hard time performing the necessary maintenance that’s required every year. Not only do we clean the condenser fins on your air conditioner, but we do a complete check up and tune up on your system, we’ll check your coolant levels, blower fan, blower fan filter, and a number of other problems that can significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. We’ll ensure that your HVAC unit is running at it’s maximum potential which increases your monthly savings!

This year has been exceptionally bad with cottonwood, even if you don’t see it all over the outside of your HVAC unit, the inside of it could be completely covered, filled up and clogged with cotton. Give us a call today and we’ll send a certified HVAC technician over to assess and tune up your Air Conditioner, Air Handler, or any other type of HVAC unit you might have. Saving money while staying completely comfortable in your home has never been easier or more affordable. Join the High Performance family and see how we treat every client like they are family, you’ll quickly find out that High Performance is more than just a name, but a promise. We are standing by to take your phone call, what are you waiting for! The road to incredible savings is just a phone call away, 585-426-3004. Don’t like making phone calls? No problem send us an email! customercare@highperformanceheating.com

Heating and Cooling Contractors | Daily Training!

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April 1, 2015

Almost on a constant basis we are seeing the mistakes of heating and cooling contractors, who are installing HVAC systems wrong. Which in turn

causes the home owner to continuously have problems which require repairs. The cost of those repairs can really add up over time. Take for example, this radiant system we encounter was installed completely wrong. To the average heating and cooling contractors, it was installed properly and they would be non the wiser. To us, we could see the mistakes as clear as day, he was having problems with the system not running, all during winter. Now he has to dish out $2,500 to have everything ripped out and installed correctly, by professional highly trained technicians.

heating and cooling contractors installed this radiant system incorrectly.

A Radiant system that was installed improperly.

The trained professionals at High Performance Heating under go rigorous training before they enter the field. After that they receive daily training from the President of High Performance, Matt Nicodemus. Our reviews speak for themselves. We have had numerous clients call us up, telling us how the heating and cooling contractors they previously had at their home either did a total hack job or just completely installed their equipment wrong, so their furnace or boiler would not run properly. Instead of dealing with the head aches that come with having to spend more money to get something repaired that you just paid to have put in. Give High Performance Heating a call 585-426-3004 we install all of your equipment the right way the first time, saving you time and money that can be spent on your family, instead of having to pay another heating and cooling contractor to come and fix the mistakes of the first contractor.

Maintenance Extends Life of Equipment and Lowers Costs

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Air Conditioning Rochester NY

Working as a team installing a new AC unit!

Home appliances and systems are built to last, but they aren’t invincible. You might be able to get them running, but that doesn’t mean they’re working as efficiently as they could. As experts in the heating and cooling industry, the professionals at High Performance Heating, Cooling, and Hydronics (air conditioning repair Rochester NY) will explain how regular maintenance can extend the life of your equipment and lower operating costs.

Every time your system is regularly serviced it receives a thorough cleaning. The thorough cleaning ensures the removal of dirt, dust, and debris so nothing can compromise the operation of the systems. When the systems, especially their filters, aren’t regularly cleaned, they have to work harder to accomplish the same task. If your heating and cooling systems work harder over long periods of time, they’ll cause higher energy bills and will likely die much sooner than if you get them regularly cleaned.

If you invest in a regular maintenance schedule, you can be sure your filters will be changed, minor repairs will be done before they become major problems, and the appliance’s regular lifespan will be preserved. You’ll notice lower energy bills as your system operates as it should, not as it did when it was ignored for too long.

To get the most out of your heating and cooling systems and see lower operating costs when you open the bills, call High Performance Heating, Cooling, and Hydronics (air conditioning repair Rochester NY) and let us set up a regular maintenance schedule sooner rather than later.

How We Can Help Preserve Your Home AC Energy

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The amount of energy your home uses is important to know. You need to know for safety reasons, environmental reasons, and budget reasons. The professionals at High Performance Heating, Cooling, and Hydronics can help you find ways to preserve energy and get the most out of every dollar you spend on heating and cooling in your home. Let us help you get the most out of your air conditioning.
Our air conditioning experts can come in and make sure the system you have is as efficient as possible. We can also maintain or tune-up the system you have so you get the optimal amount of usage from it.
If the air conditioning system you have in your home right now isn’t getting the job done in the greenest and most efficient way possible, let us help. We can recommend ENERGY STAR air conditioning systems that give you the most out of every dollar you spend on cooling your home. The newest systems may be an investment up front, but the savings over the life of the system will definitely outweigh the initial investment over the lifespan of the system.
One vital way we can help you preserve energy is to make sure the systems you have are actually installed properly. Did you know that you could be paying up to 30% more in energy bills by just having an air conditioner or furnace installed incorrectly?
If you want to save a little money and help make the earth a little cleaner at the same time, call the AC specialists at High Performance Heating, Cooling, and Hydronics to find out a few ways we can help.

Going Green Can Save You Green

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When you are going green, you aren’t just helping the environment, you are helping your bottom line. The green in your wallet will multiply as you “green up” your home and the systems that keep it comfortable. One of the systems you can green up and enjoy savings as a result is your air conditioning system.

Everyone likes tax credits. Tax credits mean more money in your wallet at tax time. Did you know certain appliances and home systems qualify you for tax credits? You can also invest in ENERGY STAR appliances for a little extra money and savings. The newest A/C (air conditioning Rochester NY) home systems are much more efficient and can give you the ENERGY STAR savings you have heard so much about.

Another simple way to go green and save green is to install a programmable thermostat. Leaving your thermostat on the same temperature you think is most comfortable, then going out for the day to work and school is a waste. Sure, your dog and cat may feel nice and cool, but to have the air conditioning running to keep an empty house nice and cool while the sun is beating down on it and no one is home is just a waste. You can simply have a programmable thermostat installed and it will make sure the home is comfortable before you come home from work without wasting energy all day.

Let Us Help Keep Your Heating and Cooling Systems Working Right

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At High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics, we know there is a lot more to your home’s heating and cooling systems than just repairing them when they break or installing a replacement when they become too broken down to deal with anymore. Proper maintenance is as important as anything else. This why High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics offers comprehensive maintenance programs for Rochester area homeowners to take advantage of. We offer several packages that range from tune-ups to twice a year servicing for your systems.
When you invest in a maintenance program from High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics, you are getting peace of mind and the added security of knowing the needs of your heating and cooling systems are being met. Our popular maintenance plan promises to keep your system in tip top shape and encompasses full inspections and emissions test to give us an accurate picture of how your system is working. We will check all safety features and ensure carbon monoxide is not an issue. Our maintenance package also involves checking each line, wire and connection to be sure it is all working as it should.
The heating and cooling systems in your home are a huge investment. When you invest in our maintenance packages, you get the benefits of knowing you are doing all you can to prolong the life of the systems and ensure it is performing at peak efficiency. A maintenance plan from High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics also means we will be there twice a year to spot any little problems before they become big problems. For the benefit of your system and your wallet, call High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics and get all of the details about our comprehensive maintenance plans today.

Don’t Wait or Pay Too Much For Air Conditioning Repair

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There is nothing more frustrating than walking over to adjust the air conditioner and hearing nothing click on. It also never fails that these occurrences typically happen on the hottest day of the year. And, these types of emergencies also tend to happen when you have not budgeted for any kind of emergency repairs. If you rely on High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics for all of your air conditioning repair needs, you can rest assured you will be comfortable in no time and you won’t have to break the bank to fix your air conditioner either.
At High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics, we pride ourselves on the being the local air conditioning repair specialists you can trust. Not only do we respond quickly to any repair situation, but we don’t feel the need to charge an arm and a leg just because your emergency happens after typical business hours. Far too many other businesses see emergency or after hour services as their chance to price gouge their loyal customers. Well, we know loyal customers don’t feel the need to remain loyal if they feel they are not getting a fair shake or that they are being overcharged when they are most vulnerable. We know the best way to keep and maintain customer loyalty is to provide timely, safe, professional and affordable services that customers can trust. Basically, loyalty is earned and we strive to earn yours through our work ethic and dedication to being there for you.
When you want air conditioning repair or any other emergency service for your Rochester area home, call High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics for results you can trust in and people you can count on.