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High Performance Heating has the most trained boiler technicians

Combination Boilers

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What is a Combination Boiler?

A combination boiler, or combi boiler, gets its name from combining both a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler system into one compact unit. This compact unit is a great 2 for 1 for any small dwelling.

How do they work?

Combi units are similar to unvented boilers, but with a second heating circuit. This second circuit is what provides you with instant, unlimited hot water on demand. Combination boilers do not have storage tanks like conventional water heaters. This means, they don’t have to heat then store hot water. As a result, these systems are both cost effective and energy efficient.

Cost effective

Since combination boilers do not have storage tanks like a conventional water heater, they don’t have to routinely heat and store hot water. Furthermore the upfront cost of installation is cheaper than having a water heater and boiler installed. They also take up less space within your home, this benefiting homes that do not have basements.

Is it right for you?

The ability to provide space heating with hot water production in one compact unit is a big advantage, especially considering the low installation cost. However these units are not ideal for every home. In most situations, there will be little to no difference between a combi boiler and a traditional water heater. With one exception of households that run multiple hot-water consuming appliances simultaneously, or take multiple showers daily. Call today for a free estimate to see if a combi-boiler is right for you!



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Boosting Your Boilers Efficiency!

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Thinking about replacing your boiler?

First look into how your home uses and wastes energy.

We can help by performing a home energy audit. You can apply though New York State and potentially have your audit done for free! An energy audit will provide you with the information you need to be able to properly address the flaws in your homes efficiency. As well as help you come up with a plan of action to become more energy efficient. You should also have regular tune-up’s performed on your boiler. This not only keeps your boiler running smoothly, but also boosts efficiency. By taking steps to reduce your homes heating load, it will allow you to buy a smaller, less expensive system.

How do you accomplish your efficiency goals?

With the right company by your side, you could see the a reduction in your energy bills sooner than you’d think. Some fixes are as easy as:

  • Adding insulation to your attic and walls
  • Applying for a home energy audit online
  • Adding weather stripping around doors and caulk around windows to keep heat form escaping
  • Clean your chimney
  • Set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise to blow rising heat down
  • Install and set programmable thermostats to automatically lower the temperature at night while you are away.

All of the above can be reviewed during your home energy audit with one of our skilled technicians as they perform various tests to find where your home is using and losing the most heat. Following your appointment they will go over their findings with you in detail. This process takes about 6 hours, but the benefits of having an audit done on your home will have lasting effects.

Have more questions? Give us a call and we’ll set you up with a free estimate appointment at a time that works best for you! 585-3Harold (342-7653)



Carbon Monoxide-The Silent Killer

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Carbon Monoxide-The Silent Killer!

This Boiler was in need of MAJOR Repair- Improper Combustion Caused the Sooting of the boiler to fill This Gentlemen’s House with Carbon Monoxide. His Boiler was leaking water as well causing the burners to completely rot out. Natural Gas was pouring from the end of the burners, lighting, then (thankfully) the water was putting out the flame. Great to save from an explosion, but horrible for the headaches.

Way Too Much Carbon Dioxide-

This house was filled with over 3000 parts per million. If This Gentlemen’s home was not loose as it is, he was at a level that could cause death in less than an hour-Check Out This Chart-
co chart

The Experts say that it is colorless and odorless, however, a well trained HVAC Technician can detect the odor of improper combustion, often the leading culprit of CO Poisoning. These can be acidic taste on your tongue, black powdery substances on window sills, and most often, complaints of headaches, nausea, and of being tired all of the time. 

Why Wait, Have Your System Checked out for Carbon Monoxide Today!

Don’t Take the Chance-Call High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning for a low cost HVAC Maintenance visit to be sure your system is operating at its Maximum Safety and Efficiency Levels-585-302-5018-Just Call HAROLD!!!!Call For Your Furnace or Boiler Maintenance Today!


Heating Season Is Here-Is Your Heating System Tuneup Done?

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High Performance Heating & Cooling Has The Most Experienced HVAC Technicians In Rochester, NY! Get Your Tuneup Done Today

Heating Season Is Here-Is Your Heating System Tuneup Done Yet?

Get Your heating system tuneup scheduled with High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning.They are Vital to system reliability…

Furnace Tuneups

Furnace tuneups are key to making sure your HVAC system is up to snuff before the cold weather.  Furnaces are less likely to fail if a trained technician has gone through it to flag anything that may cause the heating system to fail. There are small sensors, drains, burners, motors and all types of other components that if gone unchecked will wreak havoc on an older hvac system.

Heating and air conditioning systems that are not maintained are simply inviting a costly breakdown, and when does it break, Christmas!!

The mild season we had last heating season Your furnace could have broken and you did not even know it

It could have broken in a way that it would only actually fire after 10 or 11 attempts, causing a temperature swing in the home, yet still keeping the home relatively comfortable. Why do you ask? When it did fire, the place would warm up a little. The only thing that seemed wrong were the energy bills were high and the thermostat was never actually at the temperature setpoint.

Any Thermostat should keep the home at least within 2 degrees of setpoint.

Boiler Tuneups

Most of the Hot Water Boilers that we see that are broken are ill-maintained, and when it has gone on too long, it is expensive. Not just the boiler repairs expensive, but the damage created, (whether it be water on the floor or all over the basement), can be costly.

Water boilers are different because tuneup issues could be effecting operation unnoticed, for example, we had a customer this year that thought the upstairs was just colder, low and behold there was not even any water in the upstairs heating system!!!

This has most likely cost him thousands of dollars more in his heating bills over the years that his boiler was not tuned up.

Our trained technicians are the best when it comes to hot water boilers, don’t let lack of a proper hvac tuneup cost you money. View our Specials and get on the schedule today before emergency boiler repairs are part of your future.

Furnace Replacements-New Installations

Last season we removed and reinstalled over 20 pieces of heating equipment  installed by other companies. Our fail safe methods of HVAC equipment replacement ensure that the system you are paying for will live its full life without costly breakdowns do to a poor installation.

Its the little things that are the most important when it comes to your install-Dont be fooled, Get it Installed by High Performance Heating and Harold and the crew will make sure you are all set.

Happy Harold & The Crew Are Ready To Serve You, Get your gas furnace tuned up today!

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Heating Contractors-HVAC Experts

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Why Choose Us?

Our People-On time

Our People, We care. From the folks in the office to the HVAC Techs that are in the field. We care about your home, your comfort, and your family’s well being.-We are Highly Trained Heating and Cooling Experts

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Friendly Service from a Licensed, Trained HVAC Technician
  • Honest
  • Dedicated
  • Focused

We treat our customers as a priority. We want your heating and air conditioning system to operate as it should. We want your water heater to provide the hot water you need when you need it.

Our Warranties

We Back Our Systems with a 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year Warranty on all Repairs
  • No Lemon Guarantee
  • Temperature Variance Guarantee

We want you to tell your friends about us. The dedicated and focused staff at High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning will be there when you need us. 24 -7 Emergency Service!

Peace of Mind

At High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning, we give you peace of mind from the time you schedule your appointment, to the time our trucks are pulling out of your driveway. Even after the job, we still provide follow up calls to ensure that you are 100% satisfied and everything is up to your expectations and your new equipment is registered and under warranty. Our highly trained HVAC technicians strive to provide the best overall customer service experience possible. Read some of our reviews and you’ll see why we are Rochester, NY’s superior HVAC company. Call us today and schedule that gas furnace tune-up or furnace replacement and start saving big bucks today!

Our Proof-

Read our Reviews-Our Customers tell the Story

Need HVAC Service or Repair-Or A New Water Heater?

Call Now!




Winter’s Last Strike!

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We are sorry it is still winter #Rochester, but we can help. For the most part this was a very easy winter on us upstate New York residents. Unfortunately winter last a little longer here. We promise you that soon we will be talking about air conditioners, but for the moment lets cover heating, hopefully the last time this winter.

Harold and we are at your service for repairs, tune-ups, and installation for furnaces. Even if winter is almost over, why not take advantage our teams quality service right now! Put your furnace worries at rest for next year all together, and be covered now until spring really gets here. In fact, visit www.happyharoldheating.com for today’s coupon with our services. Then give us a call at (585) 3-HAROLD, and well be on our way!

When it comes to Heating, we and Harold cannot be beat! Based on years of experience, we have the most qualified furnace service team out there. Our team fully understands the concepts that make your heating equipment function correctly, so we install and maintain heating equipment of any brand.

Also, don’t forget, at High Performance, we are the boiler experts. Call HAROLD today to find out about all the different options with Boilers. We guarantee we will find you the best possible fit for your needs.

Harold will offer the best service and care for your water boiler that you will ever need. Whether it is boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler maintenance or boiler cleaning; we ensure quality performance in addition to precision and accuracy when working on your Boiler in Rochester, NY. Oh! And by the way we guarantee your boiler repair for a full Year! Call High Performance Heating and Cooling at (585) 3-HAROLD today, and we promise will be talking about sunshine, baseball season, and air conditioners soon #Rochester!

This is Harold!

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Who is Happy Harold and what does he have to do with HVAC? Well, imagine a hot summer Saturday. You have just had a terribly long week at work and the air conditioning unit gives out. Your spouse is asleep, and the kids are running around like crazy. You just wanted one day to yourself, to relax and enjoy life. Just shout “HAROLD!”
It could also be a cold winter night, and you’re having a furnace emergency at the worst possible time. Shout “HAROLD.” The Boiler gives out, shout “HAROLD.” You want to understand more and compare different types of water heaters. Shout, or maybe just say nicely, “Harold.” I think you see my point.
The thing is Harold will come to your rescue when you him, and Harold leads the “High Performance Heating & Cooling” Team.
Not only do we offer you the best expertise on boilers for the region, but we help answer any questions you might have regarding HVAC; to help you come up with the best decision regarding what you may need. Just tweet your questions to @HighPerHVAC or call us at (585) 3-HAROLD.

Remember, the next time your furnace needs repaired, your air conditioner needs replacing, or your questions need answering, Call HAROLD, and the High Performance Team will be there to help.
For more information, and our latest discounts visit www.happyharoldheating.com

Heating and Cooling Contractors | Daily Training!

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April 1, 2015

Almost on a constant basis we are seeing the mistakes of heating and cooling contractors, who are installing HVAC systems wrong. Which in turn

causes the home owner to continuously have problems which require repairs. The cost of those repairs can really add up over time. Take for example, this radiant system we encounter was installed completely wrong. To the average heating and cooling contractors, it was installed properly and they would be non the wiser. To us, we could see the mistakes as clear as day, he was having problems with the system not running, all during winter. Now he has to dish out $2,500 to have everything ripped out and installed correctly, by professional highly trained technicians.

heating and cooling contractors installed this radiant system incorrectly.

A Radiant system that was installed improperly.

The trained professionals at High Performance Heating under go rigorous training before they enter the field. After that they receive daily training from the President of High Performance, Matt Nicodemus. Our reviews speak for themselves. We have had numerous clients call us up, telling us how the heating and cooling contractors they previously had at their home either did a total hack job or just completely installed their equipment wrong, so their furnace or boiler would not run properly. Instead of dealing with the head aches that come with having to spend more money to get something repaired that you just paid to have put in. Give High Performance Heating a call 585-426-3004 we install all of your equipment the right way the first time, saving you time and money that can be spent on your family, instead of having to pay another heating and cooling contractor to come and fix the mistakes of the first contractor.

Is it time for a new steam boiler? | High Performance Heating

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january 30, 2015

Here at High Performance Heating, we can tackle any project that comes our way. Most companies wouldn’t be able to handle a decades old steam boiler, but at High Performance we are trained to work on and install any make or model of boiler. Investing in a new boiler for your home or business can be pricey and hard to wrap your head around, dishing out all of that money for a new boiler that will sit in your basement and wont ever be seen. But the truth is, that it will be used more than any other appliance and it may be way more cost effective to replace your old boiler than to repair it. That’s not to say that your old steam boiler cannot be repaired, almost anything can be repaired.

With that said, if your constantly replacing parts and having to get your steam boiler repaired, the cost of the parts are going to add up to the price of a new one. Also new steam boilers are energy efficient compared to older ones that are not. They can cost you more each month in energy bills compared to newer ones. Older steam boilers also don’t have all of the safety features like newer models do. If something goes wrong they will just keep running and could be very dangerous, especially if there is a carbon monoxide leak or if there are holes all around your steam boiler pouring steam out. It’s very dangerous and could potentially be a ticking time bomb waiting to go off.

If your steam boiler looks like this, than it is time for a new steam boiler.

If your boiler looks like this, it’s time for a new one!

The presents of black/reddish soot everywhere is also an indicator that something is going wrong with your boiler and you should have it serviced as soon as possible because there is a good chance that the burners were not set up properly or if you have had your boiler serviced, past repair technicians did not analyze the flue gases. Service Technicians that do not properly test your boiler can leave you open to dangerous things happening that could put you and your family at risk.

Putting your family in a dangerous situation is something no company should do, we understand that if your steam boiler isn’t properly serviced or installed it can lead to a very unsafe environment. High Performance Heating takes this very seriously, our highly trained technicians go through strict steps when servicing or installing your boiler so you will not only get the highest performance out of it but the most money saved each month and it will be safe for you and your family. Give us a call today at (585) 426-3004 to schedule a service call or installation and find out why we are the best in the business.

Getting a energy efficient boiler is a great way to save money

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January 13, 2015

The weather in Rochester is very unpredictable, one day we could have a 50 degree day, the next it could be 20 degrees outside. The best thing you could do is be prepared for the crazy weather. Having an energy efficient boiler can help you save money every month and keep your home nice and toasty. Most people don’t take the time to really think about their heating equipment and always assume it will be there. They don’t realize that their boiler is being used more than their ovens or washers and neglect them. If you never get your boiler serviced at all, your equipment could fail at any moment, then what would you do in 20 degree weather with winds that are blowing 30-50mph. Would you want to freeze all night? Here at High Performance Heating, we care about your safety and well being and the last thing we want to see is you freezing all night. Give us a call at 585-426-3004, we will come out at a time that is most convenient for you and service your boiler so you can ensure that you will be prepared on even the most frigid nights.

Having your boiler serviced every heating season can help you out more than most people realize. Getting your boiler serviced will let you know the current state of it and whether or not it’s going to continue to function properly or if your going to run into problems anytime soon. At High Performance Heating, we pride ourselves on our honesty and respect, if you call us to service your boiler, we will do just that. We wont show up and just try to start selling you new equipment you have no need of. But if the cost of repairing your boiler out ways the benefits, then we can talk to you about options for getting a new energy efficient boiler. Older boilers are not as energy efficient costing you more per month, they aren’t as safe as newer energy efficient boilers that have safety valves to shut down in case of emergencies. We understand most people are hesitant to invest in a new piece of equipment right after the holidays’, but the cost of a new boiler can be covered by the savings on your heating bill over a few heating seasons. New boilers come with electric control systems so the boiler will only run when you actually need it. New energy efficient boilers are smaller and will take up less space in your basement or cellar. They are also safer and they are less likely to leak or crack.

Investing in a new energy efficient boiler with radiant heating is by far the best heating option if you can afford it. With radiant heating there is balanced warmth and even heating. You don’t need to over heat the top of the room to get the room temperature to a comfortable level.  Which in return can save you money on your heating bills each month.

Saving money every month is the goal of everyone. Actually being able to save every month is another thing. Having your boiler serviced can ensure that your boiler is running properly so you aren’t paying more than you need to each month. But if your bills are getting too outrageous and it’s not functioning as it should, it may be time to upgrade to an energy efficient boiler and start enjoying the savings each month. So give High Performance Heating a call today to schedule a boiler service repair or take advantage of a new energy efficient boiler. 585-426-3004