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humidifiers can help your health more than you know.

Making your air cleaner

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The average American spends 87% of their lifetime indoors

Our exposure to indoor air pollutants is rather high, especially now. Harold’s here to give you the 411 on IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and how you can improve the air you breathe.

Each time your heating or cooling system kicks on it blows tiny particles throughout your home. Your filter will catch what it can, but are you changing it as often as you should? It’s time we focus on the air we breathe.

Check out this article where we discuss how frequently you should change your filter. We also cover the effects a dirty filter can have on your system. We expect filters to clean up bacteria, debris, pet dander, mold, pollen, particulates form fuel burning appliances and more. The bottom line is, we have high expectations for our filters. And although filters are a necessary component in any HVAC system, most of what passes through is just too small for the fibers to catch. We have the 411 on products that will help ease your filters burden. So lets take a look at your filters little helpers below!


These are your filters best friend! Ionizers are small boxes that are installed into your system to clean air as it passes through. These put out different types of molecules that either carry a positive charge or a negative charge. These molecules (ions) break down all the teeny-tiny stuff in your system before it passes through your filter. iWave recently released a pathogen test that showed their system can deactivate 84.2% of the COVID-19 virus in as little as 10 minutes! In as little as 30 minutes the virus was 99.4% inactivate! Take a look at their test results for yourself by clicking here.

UV light

We know you’re thinking, “aren’t those dangerous?”, but let us explain. UV lights are multipurpose lights, sure they can give you an artificial tan, but we want you to think outside the box. Ultraviolet light has been used to clean air since 1945, and have have been used to disinfect water since 1910 (check out more UV light facts here)! UV lights are used to kill bacteria and mold inside your system. These lights are not all inclusive, dirt and dust are not effected by the light. Happy Harold has certified technicians who know the importance of strategic placement of these lights inside your ductwork. Want to learn even more? Check this blog out!

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are what transfer air between each room of your home. This means that whatever is settled inside the duct will be blown throughout your home. Let us help you breath easier with a duct cleaning. Our skilled technicians typically spend 8-9 hours on each duct cleaning service. Ensuring you receive the deepest clean possible. Duct cleaning will not only improve your indoor air quality but your HVAC system’s efficiency as well. Check this article out for all you need to know about duct cleaning!


Humidifiers are natural moisturizing agents that help you relieve dryness. Hvac.com recommends maintaining a humidity level of 35-50% to provide maximum comfort in your home. Do you know what your levels are? Take control of your home, and air with a free estimate appointment today! If you’d like to know more about each type of humidifier, click here!

Plants clean your air too!

Small things make the biggest impact. Studies show that indoor plants help boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. Most importantly plants help clean your indoor air by absorbing toxins, naturally increasing humidity and producing oxygen. And it will help reduce your exposure to poor air quality while decorating! Its a win-win!

Cleaning Products

Many home cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals can linger in the air long after you’ve finished cleaning. It’s best to make the switch to true-green products. True green products aren’t as easy to come by as your may think as some companies hide chemicals behind a green label. Check out these 14 eco friendly cleaning products for your home.

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Humidify your air!

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Humidifier Therapy

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air which prevents dryness that can cause numerous forms of irritation. Such as dry skin, itchy nose, itchy throat and dry lips. Humidifiers can also ease some symptoms caused by the flu or common cold. For all the benefits humidifiers offer us, overuse has its downfalls as well. Its important to know how to use your humidifier correctly, and Happy Harold’s here to help!

Benefits to Humidifiers

Humidifiers are natural moisturizing ages that help relieve dryness. You have probably used a portable one while sick to help relieve congestion,  an irritated nose, a dry cough or a dry throat. But did you know that a whole home humidifier can help relieve so much more? Such as irritated vocal cords, dry skin, headaches, cracked/dry lips, and even bloody noses! You may think you’re just prone to these irritates, however it could simply mean your home is dryer than it should be.


Though additional humidity is beneficial to your home and the air inside, too much of a good thing is never a good thing. High humidity levels can worsen respiratory problems and create an uncomfortable level of dampness in the air. Dust mites, mildew, mold and harmful bacteria all thrive in high levels of humidity. HVAC.com recommends maintaining a humidity level of 35-50% to provide maximum comfort while defending yourself against the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Types of Humidifiers:

Impeller Humidifiers send water through a diffuser, the diffuser breaks down the water into small droplets and sends them into the air. This type is relatively cheap, and costs very little to run.

Central Humidifiers are ones that are hardwired into your homes HVAC and your homes plumbing. This means that instead of only targeting one area, it has you covered all over. Most homeowners find this type both cost effective, and efficient.

Ultrasonic Humidifier produce a cooling mist by ultrasonic vibration. The sound vibrations propel moisture into the air. These humidifiers are so effective that they often over humidify the air resulting in dampness or mold.

Evaporative Humidifiers is the most popular type of humidifier. They use a fan and wick filter to operate. When the fan is activated it blows air towards the wick causing water to evaporate and release a mist into the room.

How can Happy Harold help?

Call us! We’ll send out one of our technicians to come discuss the best options for your home. Our technicians are trained to know the best features of all  forms of humidification and estimate appointments are 100% free, so you have nothing to lose! We’ll send a detailed summary of everything we discussed directly to your email, so when you’re ready to book all you have to do is click a button! Ready to book the day we show up? Our technicians come prepared to book your installation appointment for a date and time that works best for you.


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Quiet Humidifiers

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If you fear getting a humidifier because you don’t want some noisy motor running and keeping you up at night, you can get quiet humidifiers. High Performance Heating, Cooling & Hydronics can help you find a humidifier that is just right for your needs, both in humidifying the air and giving you some peace and quiet.

Many of the humidifiers we recommend come with controls that allow for quieter operation. When you adjust the controls, you will notice the noise level varies and this gives you control over the amount of noise you have to contend with.

One thing to remember is that if you are using a warm moisture humidifier, they tend to be quieter than cold air humidifiers. You may notice a warm moisture humidifier will make a slight gurgling sound, but not the noisy fan or motor sound you want to avoid.

When you first get a humidifier the noise may seem like a lot, but – as with anything new you bring into the house – it will eventually fade to the background. You will start enjoying healthier, less dry and irritating air while the noise just turns to background noise that you don’t even notice anymore. Before you discount the idea of getting a good humidifier, let the experts at High Performance Heating, Cooling & Hydronics tell you a little bit about what might be the best humidifier for your house.

What is the White Dust Coming From My Humidifier?

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You may be enjoying the better air in your home thanks to your humidifier, but you may also have noticed some kind of white dust settling on things nearby. This might cause you to think about turning off the humidifier and going back to living with a dry throat and itchy skin. But don’t unplug that humidifier just yet! That white dust is actually harmless. Take it from us (experts at installing water heater Rochester NY).

The white dust you see is simply a by-product of the water you are using. There are minerals in our water that occur naturally. When the water goes through the humidifying process and is essentially vaporized, those minerals take on a solid form and look like white dust. It is perfectly safe and will cause no issue with breathing or air quality at all. If anything, it may just mean you have to dust more frequently. If you have a high amount of minerals in your water, and more white dust as a result, you may have to clean the machine and change the filters more frequently.

One way to avoid having to deal with any white dust is to use distilled water in the humidifier. You can also invest in better filters to trap any residual minerals and white dust.

White dust is nothing to worry about and can be easily dealt with. If you have any questions about your humidifier or if it is emitting anything you aren’t sure about, even beyond white dust, don’t hesitate to ask the professionals at High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics.

Reasons for Humidifying your home

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Humidifying your house is important. There may be times when too much moisture in the air is a problem for a home, but not enough humidity can be equally bad for your house and your family. At High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics we can help with a lot more than installing home systems. We can help you choose the best humidifier for your particular needs.

Having the right level of humidity matters for the family and home in general. If the air is too dry, you may notice everyone having dry or itchy skin. You may also notice everyone having dry or scratchy throats. Nasal dryness can even lead to nosebleeds. When the air is uncomfortably dry, it can take a toll on your health. Colds and flu germs will linger and be harder to overcome. Anyone with respiratory issues will also have a harder time dealing with dry air, as opposed to air that has been humidified.

When the air is consistently dry at home, it takes a toll on the home itself. Wood floors don’t handle dryness all too well. They can warp and crack. The same is true for any wood furniture. If you have wall paper, air that is too dry will cause it to peel and crack. It can really make a huge difference in the lifespan of your home furnishing.

Humidifying is easy. When you invest in a good humidifier with the guidance of the experts at High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics you can get consistency. This consistency will help keep your family’s health in check and keep everyone more comfortable all year through.