Lets talk about Filters!

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Lets talk about filters!

Furnace and AC filter changes are a chore that is often overlooked, even though a clogged filter is the number one cause of HVAC system failure. Air filters remove bits of pollen, mold, and dust preventing them from circulating around your home. They are also considered your first line of defense against larger objects, like bits of loose insulation, that may cause damage or fire risk to your system.

Effects of a Dirty Filter


The blower fan in your system has to work harder to push air. The harder it works, the more  energy it uses. Thus leading to higher bills and a higher likelihood of it wearing out from strain.

Overheating or Freezing up

When the air is unable to pass through your system with ease, a number of problems can emerge. The largest problem being over heating, or freezing up. Ultimately you will be paying the same amount for energy usage or using the same amount of oil but there will be no change in your indoor temperature.

Clogged Ducts & Dirty Furniture

When air doesn’t circulate quickly, particulates can settle in your ducts and on surfaces inside your home. Changing your air filter on a routine basis is a lot easier and more affordable than having your ducts cleaned out on a routine basis.

When should you change your air filter?

The frequency in which you should change your air filter depends on the following:

  • What type of filter you’re using
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Number of Pets inside the home
  • Number of people occupying your home
  • Level of air pollution and construction in and around the home

General Guidelines:

  • Vacation homes or single occupant with no pets or allergies- every 6-12 Months
  • Average suburban home without pets- every 90 days
  • Single pet households- every 60 days
  • Multiple pet households, or households with occupants suffering from allergies- every 20-45 days


As always, Harold’s Here to help make taking care of your systems a breeze! If you’re unsure about your filter size, or when it was last changed, give us a call! Our detailed customer records keep our office staff in the loop, so answers are always just a phone call away!



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Furnace Tune-Up Special – $79 (+tax)

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Scared to turn on your furnace?

Energy costs from using your heating system are directly impacted by the overall health of your system. Regular maintenance and cleaning is key to extending the life and efficiency of your investment!

Call us today to schedule your furnace tune-up – only for $79 (for a limited time)!

What does a furnace tune-up include? Check out our Furnace Services at:



Ductwork Can be Dirtier Than You Think..

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Your Air Ducts are Probably Dirtier than you can Imagine. Air Ducts collect particles and debris from the air in your home and bring it, ideally, back to your furnace filter be be collected and removed. However, just like you dust your furniture and throw away the junk, it is not all collected by the filter and ends up in your ductwork. That means, that you, as well as everyone else will breathe that nasty junk.Your duct system is the lifeline to the air in your home. Our Experts will access the duct system from the inside, and will make every attempt to remove 100% of all of the junk that is in your ducts, 585-302-5018 Now for your free Duct and Air vent clening estimate! ]]>

This is Harold!

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Who is Happy Harold and what does he have to do with HVAC? Well, imagine a hot summer Saturday. You have just had a terribly long week at work and the air conditioning unit gives out. Your spouse is asleep, and the kids are running around like crazy. You just wanted one day to yourself, to relax and enjoy life. Just shout “HAROLD!”
It could also be a cold winter night, and you’re having a furnace emergency at the worst possible time. Shout “HAROLD.” The Boiler gives out, shout “HAROLD.” You want to understand more and compare different types of water heaters. Shout, or maybe just say nicely, “Harold.” I think you see my point.
The thing is Harold will come to your rescue when you him, and Harold leads the “High Performance Heating & Cooling” Team.
Not only do we offer you the best expertise on boilers for the region, but we help answer any questions you might have regarding HVAC; to help you come up with the best decision regarding what you may need. Just tweet your questions to @HighPerHVAC or call us at (585) 3-HAROLD.

Remember, the next time your furnace needs repaired, your air conditioner needs replacing, or your questions need answering, Call HAROLD, and the High Performance Team will be there to help.
For more information, and our latest discounts visit www.happyharoldheating.com

Call For a Duct Cleaning

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Happy Harold and The Crew are Ready t o Perform Your Duct Cleaning and Save your Allergies

What do You Do about Your Allergies in The Spring A Season. Call Today for and Advanced duct cleaning and our crew will help you breathe easier.

Our crew does a complete and though cleaning when it comes to your ductwork. We protect your house and your property as well as help you breathe easier. Our Hepa filtration system will reduce dust, pollen, mold, and spores while helping you and your family enjoy the pleasure of having less cold and/or flu like symptoms. Imagine if your basement floor was never cleaned, or if your bookshelf was not dusted in years, This is Why you need happy harold and the crew to perform an advanced duct cleaning in your home.

The debris that is inside your ductwork, and we have seen everything from toys and clothes, to dead rodents and bugs, will cause breathing and other respeeritory problems that will be there forever unless you treat them. Our advanced duct cleaning will access the inside of your duct work and, using a high powered suction and an advanced air knife to slice that debris out and your ducts will be clean and efficient, increasing the air quality in your home.

With a quality duct cleaning, you can ward off the attacks of air borne allergens in Your Home. To go a step further, we can add air better air filtration, as well special lighting that will destroy these allergens on contact, providing you great air quality. Call Today 585-302-5018


Celebrate Memorial Day With Aprilaire Media Filters

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Celebrate Memorial Day With Aprilaire Media Filters


The air you breath inside your home plays a vital factor in your overall health and well being. You wouldn’t sacrifice your health by not following your doctors instructions. The same can be said for the air in your home, where you spend the majority of your time. When you sacrifice the quality of the air filters you use, it drastically impacts your air quality, spreading allergens, microbes, air born viruses, and in return, affects your health. This Memorial day, when your celebrating and remembering our fallen hero’s, remember what they had to go through, mentally and physically. The chemicals, ash and soot they had to encounter and breath into their bodies. Fast forward to present time, houses now are becoming more and more sealed tight, trapping those pollutants in your home and circulating them throughout your house. If the majority of your time is spent in your home, wouldn’t you rather breath clean air instead of air polluted with viruses and allergens. Those brave soldiers didn’t have a choice in what they were breathing into their bodies, but you do.

Here at High Performance Heating, we treat our clients like they are family. We don’t want our family breathing in polluted air because they weren’t informed and bought discount Walmart air filters that wouldn’t trap clumps of dust. Which is why we are an authorized Aprilaire Dealer, offering high quality media filters that trap up to 98-99.6% of pollutants in your home. Thing’s like virus’s, allergens and pet dander, which even if you don’t have any pets can be transferred from people who do, don’t stand a chance. Aprilaire media filters are designed almost like a screen door if you will. Millions upon millions of screens on top of each other, making it nearly impossible for anything to pass through, even microscopic virus’s and mites. Every air filter you buy at Walmart or Lowe’s, are thin and if you hold them up to the light, you can see right through them, try that with a Aprilaire and you won’t be able to see through it. The featured picture for this article even shows you what happens when you hold a basic filter up to the light, your able to see the trees through the filter. If you were to take the basic air filters apart the tissue they use would barley cover a table, if you were to take apart each layer or screen if you will, of an Aprilaire media filter it would be enough to cover the whole floor of our shop (which isn’t small).

We understand that not everyone can invest tons of money, but instead of spending money on temporary entertainment, invest your money in something that will last long term and increase your overall health. Regular air filters practically need to be changed once a month because of how thin and easily they fill up with dirt and pollutants. Aprilaire media filters only need to be chanced once a year and will trap more pollutants than any other filter ever will. There are also other ways to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside of your heating and cooling equipment, UV lights are a great way to prevent mold from growing inside of your HVAC unit. Preventing mold from forming inside your home is critical to maintaining your health. When our highly trained HVAC technicians recommend products to Rochester home owners, we take all aspects of your home into consideration and never try to push products that you don’t need. But our HVAC technicians almost always recommend Aprilaire media filters and UV lights to help you combat illnesses and maintain a healthy home.

Give us a call today 585-426-3004, we’ll send a highly trained HVAC technician right over to asses and determine the best course of action for your home. Breathing easy and staying healthy has never been easier. This Memorial day celebrate with clean air and remember our fallen hero’s and the ones that were able to make it back home to their loved ones.

Heating and Cooling air filters-HEPA Helps

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Heating and Cooling Air Filters in your heating and cooling system play a vital role in overall health in your home.High Performance Heating and Cooling Installs the best Air filters

Escape the annoying effects of ragweed and other allergies by installing HEPA Home Air Filters in your Air Conditioning and Heating System

Rochester NY’s high humidity levels makes air conditioning a necessity. If you don’t own air conditioning, don’t you love the feeling when you walk through the doors of an air conditioning building? Wegmans especially keeps their store at a perfectly cooled temperature. But let’s face it, you can’t stay there all day and certainly not all night despite how good the A/C feels. And you know as soon as you exit the building you’ll be faced once again with not only the heat but also the ragweed, pollen, mold and every other allergen in the Rochester area. For those of you with allergies, I bet the summer isn’t as fun as it could be otherwise.

You may not realize the reason you enjoy Wegman’s A/C so much is because it includes a HEPA attachment, a High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA attachments purify the air from allergens, especially ragweed. It filters out debris that causes health problems, which often lead to pesky allergy symptoms such as sneezing, a runny nose, itchy eyes, and coughing. More than 55% of the population deals with these issues every summer. A HEPA attachment benefits those both with allergies and without since it not only eliminates allergens but also cools the air during the summer.

Although Wegman’s air conditioning is the essence of comfort, go home to your own A/C and ensure it includes a HEPA attachment. Call High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics (air conditioning installation Rochester) at (585) 509-1364 to install a HEPA air filtration system in your home and enjoy fresh, cool, clean air in the comfort of your own home.

Going Green Can Save You Green

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When you are going green, you aren’t just helping the environment, you are helping your bottom line. The green in your wallet will multiply as you “green up” your home and the systems that keep it comfortable. One of the systems you can green up and enjoy savings as a result is your air conditioning system.

Everyone likes tax credits. Tax credits mean more money in your wallet at tax time. Did you know certain appliances and home systems qualify you for tax credits? You can also invest in ENERGY STAR appliances for a little extra money and savings. The newest A/C (air conditioning Rochester NY) home systems are much more efficient and can give you the ENERGY STAR savings you have heard so much about.

Another simple way to go green and save green is to install a programmable thermostat. Leaving your thermostat on the same temperature you think is most comfortable, then going out for the day to work and school is a waste. Sure, your dog and cat may feel nice and cool, but to have the air conditioning running to keep an empty house nice and cool while the sun is beating down on it and no one is home is just a waste. You can simply have a programmable thermostat installed and it will make sure the home is comfortable before you come home from work without wasting energy all day.

We Have Air Filters Rochester Homes Need

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The temperature of the air in your home is vital to your comfort level. Whether you like it cool and comfy at night or warm and toasty as the snow falls, it really is a matter of personal preference. However, just as important as the temperature of the air that is being pumped through your vents, is the quality of that air. The air filters Rochester homes have in their heating and cooling systems determine the quality of that air.

Every heating and cooling system in Rochester homes needs to have clean air filters to operate correctly and at optimal levels. Air filters Rochester systems have can block out debris, dirt and even allergens when they are changed regularly and used cleanly. If ignored, the air filters Rochester homes have become blocked over time and all of that built up dirt, dust, and debris has real effects on the system. Those blockages make the system work harder to pump the air and keep the temperature of the air consistent with what you want. When the heating or cooling system has to work harder just to keep a steady level of performance, the life span of the system can actually be compromised. Letting the professionals at High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics check and change the air filters Rochester systems have can go a long way in preserving and protecting how those very costly systems work. Because air filters used in Rochester home systems are much more affordable than replacing an entire air conditioning or heating system, it simply makes sense to have the air filters replaced as needed.

Every time High Performance Heating, Cooling and Hydronics services, cleans, or maintains your heating and cooling systems, we will thoroughly check the air filters those systems use and ensure you always have clean performance.