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What Is Underfloor Heating?

The principle characteristic of underfloor (or radiant floor) heating is that it radiates heat evenly upwards from your floor. This creates the perfect heat signature for a comfortably heated home. The even heat distribution rises up, slowly warming extremities first and leaving higher parts of the room at a comfortable temperature. Not too bad of an idea for someone trying to endure a Rochester winter, don’t you think?

Underfloor Heating Benefits

Unlike most traditional methods of heating, the advantage of radiant floor heating makes it so the top of a room doesn’t need to be overheated to make the lower part of the room reach a comfortable temperature. This type of system ultimately leads to energy savings. Heating your home with underfloor heating is efficient and economical. Other benefits include:
Hidden underneath the floor (eliminates duct cleaning & negative aesthetics)
Silent operation (no radiator clanks or vent whooshes)
Balanced warmth (from the toes up – no more frozen extremities)

underfloor heating diagram displaying radiant set up

So heat is spewing upwards from your floors… but where is it coming from? Radiant floor heating is setup using electric wires or hot-water tubes. Electric radiant floors use winding lines of resistance wire, while hydronic installations carry water from a water heater or boiler to circulate warmth through the floor.

Installation & How Radiant Floor Heating Works

In most cases, radiant floor heating is installed on top of a sub-floor material and underneath your floor surface material. When running properly, the system emits a low level of even heat through the floor surface material and the heat then radiates upward, hence the term radiant floor heating. In the case of in-slab heating, the system for underfloor heating is installed directly in the slab at the same time as the concrete floor.

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