Crazy Weather Costs Your Energy Systems Big Bucks!

How does your home or building handle the ever-changing Rochester weather? With temperatures that constantly go up and down, you may find yourself switching back and forth from heating, to AC, and back to heating. Crazy weather conditions can lead to some hefty heating and cooling bills. For this reason, High Performance Heating & Air Conditioning provides money-saving coupons! Throughout the year, we promote coupons that will save you money on air conditioning or heating service, Furnace repair, tankless water heater repair or the installation of your whole home humidifier.

Heating & Cooling Benefits

Need to get your AC system ready for hot days? Or maybe the hot days are over and it’s time to find comfort in a toasty, well-heated home. Either way, we’ll tune, install, or repair your heating or cooling unit to keep you comfortable in any weather conditions.

Hydronic Benefits

Tired of pulling the hot lever only to chill your skin with cold water? Our expert technicians know how to get your tankless water heater operating at its top efficiency. We’ll clean filters and ensure your system is working to its optimum performance level.

Energy Benefits

Is your home or building too dry? Does the atmosphere cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks? Have us install a whole-house humidifier to soothe that dry itchy throat, and soften your skin.

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