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What does SEER mean? - High Performance Heating and Cooling

What’s a SEER?

Similar to miles per gallon on your vehicle, the higher the SEER rating, the more comfort you will get from your system. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it relates to your systems efficiency.

According to the Air Conditioning heat and refrigeration institute (AHRI) standard SEER is calculated first by determining the total amount of heat that is removed from the home during a typical cooling season. This is amount is shown in British Thermal Units (BTU). The BTU’s are then divided by the total electrical energy the AC or heat pump uses during the cooling season, and is expressed in watt hours (WH).

To put it simply, SEER is calculated based on indoor and outdoor temperature. Because the outdoor temperature during a typical cooling season is inconsistent, they’ve derived a formula to help mimic a typical season.


Investing into a higher seer rating will provide your home with multiple benefits! Starting with a crowd favorite, lower energy bills! You will also experience better air circulation throughout your home. Furthermore, most all high-seer air conditioners come with a tax credit and raise your property value. A high seer rating is also better for the environment, there’s truly no down side!

Digging Deeper: How can a higher SEER lower my energy bills?

Air conditioners with a higher seer are considered two-stage or variable speed units. Unlike a single stage (lower seer) unit that will run frequently, your two stage unit will only run when necessary. In short, a two stage unit will turn on at a low speed, and continue at the low speed until that is no longer sufficient to beat the heat. Once the system determines that the heat load requires additional work it will kick your system into high gear, but only for a short period of time. Thus allowing your system to meet the demands of the house, while saving you the greatest amount of energy. As a result, your energy bill will drop quite a bit! Furthermore, your system will be able to regulate the temperature in your home better, causing fewer ‘hot spots.’

A comparison: MPG & SEER

Though your AC will likely be running for longer than it would as a single-stage unit, you’re still saving energy! Think of your car, do you get better gas mileage during a long distance trip, or in stop and go traffic? During a trip, correct! The same concept goes for your air conditioner! Starting your unit up tanks a greater amount of energy than running it at a consistent speed. Not to mention, 80% of the time your system will be running at a consistently low speed.

What can Harold do for you?

2021 is the year to replace your old system with something more efficient! Call Harold to schedule your free appointment for a date and time that works best for your schedule. Our trained technicians will provide you with an estimate for the best system for your home. After that, they will review with you all of the available rebates we have to offer. Currently, York is offering up to $275 in rebates for the installation of an AC. RG&E is offering up to an additional $300 in tax credits, can you believe it? This means you could be offered a savings of up to $500 right off the bat!


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