5 HVAC tips for Pet Owners


We love our Pets!

We can’t imagine our lives without them! Sometimes this love means the mess they leave behind gets over looked. Below are five tips to help keep your HVAC system, and air flow clear of pet dander.


Regularly grooming your pet will reduce the amount of hair that can clog up your HVAC system. Pet hair not only rapidly covers your filters surface, but it can also clog your air ducts. Added bonus, frequent grooming cuts down on the amount of hair that sticks to every article of clothing you own. So do the household a favor and take your pet over to your local groomer every now and then.

Air Filters:

Pet hair and dander have a tendency to clog air filters and strain you systems airflow. When the airflow is blocked, your system will work harder attempting to reach the desired temperate in your home. The continuous running of your system will ultimately lead to higher energy bills. Cleaning or replacing filters regularly is vital, especially for pet owners. Its recommended that you change your homes air filter every 60 days.

HEPA Filter:

A HEPA air filter is incredibly effective when it comes to catching pet dander and improving indoor air quality. Ask your technician during your routine maintenance to order you one!

Clear your vents and clean your air ducts:

Both hair and pet dander can easily clog air vents, so when you’re vacuuming your home, don’t forget to switch to hose mode and suck up all the hair and dust on and around your air vents. Even if you groom your pet regularly, some of their hair is going to end up in your homes air ducts, clogged ducts can result in a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Give High Performance Heating and Air a call, we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate on a cleaning.

Routine Maintenance

We cannot stress this enough. Routine maintenance will ensure your HVAC system is working optimally year round. Call today and schedule to take advantage of our special rates!


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Your AC Unit Size Matters!


Happy Harold’s tip of the week: Size Matters! No matter the type of AC you plan to buy, making sure you have the correct size for your home matters. Having an AC unit that is larger or smaller than necessary will increase your energy costs. And who wants that?

Lucky for you, Harold’s here to help. Call us for a free estimate appointment, we guarantee our technicians will find the best AC for your home.  585-3HAROLD

Is a Modulating Furnace Right for You?

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What is a modulating furnace?

A modulating furnace is one that has twenty (20) or more stages of heat using less gas than a 2 stage furnace all while keeping your house within 1-2° of your thermostat setting. A modulating furnace can achieve up to 98% efficiency, this means that 98% of the fuel that goes into the system returns as heat.

How does it work?

This type of furnace will alter the gas input to meet the demands of the home. For example, let’s say you’re bringing in your groceries, you’ll probably make more than one trip to your car. We know that each time we open the door to bring another load in we’re letting warm air out and cold air in. A modulating furnace will be able to sense this change in temperature, turn on and replace what you’ve lost in a controlled manor. Meaning if you’ve only lost 20,000 btu your modulating furnace will replace that 20,000 btu. By catering to your homes specific needs, you’re using less fuel and in turn saving more money.

How much does it cost?

A modulating furnace will generally cost about $2,000 more up front than your average single or two-stage furnace, but based on your decreased fuel use you could potentially earn back every cent of that in savings.Imagine decreasing your energy bill an average of $12 a month, sounds pretty good right?

Single stage and two stage defined-

A single stage furnace knows only two behaviors, on and off. When your home calls for more heat, it will turn on and run at full capacity until your thermostat says that’s enough. This method is great for providing blasts of warm air, however it is not known for its ability to maintain that comfort in a way that is efficient. A two stage furnace is slightly more advanced in that it can function at two different levels depending on the needs of the home. This type is a bit quieter than a single stage, and provides a longer heating cycle leaving your home comfortable longer.  This type is one step closer than single stage furnace when it comes to meeting your needs as efficiently as possible.

Interested in learning more, and finding out if a modulating furnace is right for you? Give us a call for a free estimate at 585-3Harold!

Carbon Monoxide Tips!



Carbon Monoxide


Happy Harold’s tip of the week, play it safe! Install and maintain smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas which can cause sudden illness and death. CO is found in combustion fumes, like those made by cars, stoves, gas ranges and, you guessed it, heating systems. If there isn’t a good flow of fresh air, the fumes can build up to toxic levels without you ever realizing it. The symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to other illnesses (headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, etc) which is is why it is so important to install and maintain your CO detectors.

Smoke detectors are the unsung hero of every home. But, when is the last time you checked it? Did you ever put the batteries back in after it went off while you were cooking? Here are some facts and figures that The National Fire Prevention Association has about the value of a smoke detector.

  • Dead batteries caused 25% of smoke alarm failures
  • In fires in which the smoke alarms were present but did not operate, more than 43% of the smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries
  • 2012-2016, smoke alarms sounded in 53% of the home fires reported to U. S. fire departments
  • Smoke alarms should be tested monthly, simply press the test button to be sure your alarm is working

The good news is, maintaining these two systems is easy. Since your heating and cooling systems should receive an annual tune-up, we have trained our technicians to check your CO detector and smoke detectors as part of their regular routine. During these appointments, feel free to ask our techs how to properly check your alarms so that you are able to complete regular safety checks on your own in between maintenance. Not receiving a maintenance? No problem! Our techs can check your alarms during service calls, or installations, all you need to do is ask!





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Furnace Tune-Up Special – $79 (+tax)

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Scared to turn on your furnace?

Energy costs from using your heating system are directly impacted by the overall health of your system. Regular maintenance and cleaning is key to extending the life and efficiency of your investment!

Call us today to schedule your furnace tune-up – only for $79 (for a limited time)!

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High Performance Heating and Air Conditioning and our New Location

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Our New location is Top Notch-Centrally located in the Henrietta and Brighton area, we are closer to major expressways and central in Monroe County New York to better serve your HVAC Needs. Call Harold today and solve all of your HVAC Needs Today Come Visit us at 

High Performance Heating and Cooling, 2350 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Rochester, New York 14623, United States (US) - Phone: 585-426-8658 Secondary phone: 585-426-3004 Fax: 585-426-3007 Email: customercare@highperformanceheating.com

Call us Today at 3-Harold-585-342-7653

Heat Pump Installation Specials!

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Heat Pump Sale- Call Now for this Special Offer-Save $300 off a New Heat Pump. Heat pumps have come a long way in the past 20 years. Call Today for heat pump installation specials and start saving on your heating system today! 18 Month financing on a new heat pump will get you warm and cozy, while saving money on your heating bills, Call NOW!

Air Conditioning Service-Furnace Replacement by High Performance and Happy Harold


Another Customer Happy Like Harold with their HVAC Installation.

Call 585-342-7653 Today for AMAZING Specials on York Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation or Replacement Specials. Not Looking to replace the furnace? Use this $50 Off Coupon to get air conditioning service for your home, and be Happy, Like HAROLD!! 18 Month Financing on new HVAC installations High Peformance Heating and Cooling and Happy Harold bring you another satisfied customer with a new air conditioner replacement and furnace replacement. These folks will be happy for years with their equipment. Excellent financing options and well trained Technicians will arrive at your door within the promised time and repair your air conditioner correctly.

You ask, Why a difference in price?

Well, to keep it short, it boils down to the time it takes a properly trained and equipped hvac technician to install the equipment correctly. Whether it be a furnace, tankless water heater, air conditioner, heat pump, humidifier…….when it comes to your hvac system, but its that way with anything. Imagine the engine being improperly installed in your car! After a couple months, your money will have been wasted in repairs, and you will want to throw the system away.

We see countless hvac systems that the improperly trained technician took two weeks to install a peice of equipment! Needless to say, the clients had nothing but issues with it. We have had issues, we are not perfect. However, our failure/call-back/issues rate is less than 1%. We have removed systems that we put in 20 years ago that ran flawlessly for the whole time. That is quality you can depend on, You trust, We care.

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