Air Conditioning Service-Furnace Replacement by High Performance and Happy Harold

By July 11, 2017 May 2nd, 2019 HVAC

Another Customer Happy Like Harold with their HVAC Installation.

Call 585-342-7653 Today for AMAZING Specials on York Air Conditioning and Furnace Installation or Replacement Specials. Not Looking to replace the furnace? Use this $50 Off Coupon to get air conditioning service for your home, and be Happy, Like HAROLD!! 18 Month Financing on new HVAC installations High Peformance Heating and Cooling and Happy Harold bring you another satisfied customer with a new air conditioner replacement and furnace replacement. These folks will be happy for years with their equipment. Excellent financing options and well trained Technicians will arrive at your door within the promised time and repair your air conditioner correctly.

You ask, Why a difference in price?

Well, to keep it short, it boils down to the time it takes a properly trained and equipped hvac technician to install the equipment correctly. Whether it be a furnace, tankless water heater, air conditioner, heat pump, humidifier…….when it comes to your hvac system, but its that way with anything. Imagine the engine being improperly installed in your car! After a couple months, your money will have been wasted in repairs, and you will want to throw the system away.

We see countless hvac systems that the improperly trained technician took two weeks to install a peice of equipment! Needless to say, the clients had nothing but issues with it. We have had issues, we are not perfect. However, our failure/call-back/issues rate is less than 1%. We have removed systems that we put in 20 years ago that ran flawlessly for the whole time. That is quality you can depend on, You trust, We care.

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