We love our Pets!

We can’t imagine our lives without them! Sometimes this love means the mess they leave behind gets over looked. Below are five tips to help keep your HVAC system, and air flow clear of pet dander.


Regularly grooming your pet will reduce the amount of hair that can clog up your HVAC system. Pet hair not only rapidly covers your filters surface, but it can also clog your air ducts. Added bonus, frequent grooming cuts down on the amount of hair that sticks to every article of clothing you own. So do the household a favor and take your pet over to your local groomer every now and then.

Air Filters:

Pet hair and dander have a tendency to clog air filters and strain you systems airflow. When the airflow is blocked, your system will work harder attempting to reach the desired temperate in your home. The continuous running of your system will ultimately lead to higher energy bills. Cleaning or replacing filters regularly is vital, especially for pet owners. Its recommended that you change your homes air filter every 60 days.

HEPA Filter:

A HEPA air filter is incredibly effective when it comes to catching pet dander and improving indoor air quality. Ask your technician during your routine maintenance to order you one!

Clear your vents and clean your air ducts:

Both hair and pet dander can easily clog air vents, so when you’re vacuuming your home, don’t forget to switch to hose mode and suck up all the hair and dust on and around your air vents. Even if you groom your pet regularly, some of their hair is going to end up in your homes air ducts, clogged ducts can result in a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Give High Performance Heating and Air a call, we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate on a cleaning.

Routine Maintenance

We cannot stress this enough. Routine maintenance will ensure your HVAC system is working optimally year round. Call today and schedule to take advantage of our special rates!


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