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Trusted Whole-Home Humidification

Does your home feel stuffy? Do you have allergies?

Cold weather combined with our heaters is making the air we breathe extremely dry. Dry air feels colder than moist air, causing us to crank up the heat, making the air even drier! This vicious cycle leads to respiratory problems, nosebleeds, cracked furniture, irritated sinuses, itchy eyes, prolonged sickness, and increased risk of infection. Not to mention the increased use of your heating system, higher energy bills, and stuffy, uncomfortable air.

The solution?

A Whole-Home Humidification System! Have humidifiers and dehumidifiers work together with your HVAC system to keep moisture levels perfectly balanced all year long.

Humidity is an often-overlooked health factor. The dry air wears down you membrane lining, leading to increased risk of colds and other infections. Once you get an illness, they survive longer in dry air environments, increasing the risk of spreading as well.

You can probably tell if your indoor air is dry if you have to lotion every day because of dry skin or you have a constant dry and scratchy throat.

In our dry climate, a whole house humidifier can be significantly helpful. Most humidifiers are bypass. This means that pressurized warm air from the supply plenum is brought through the humidifier and run across a wet pad that introduces moist air into the return plenum. The moist air is then distributed throughout the home.

With proper maintenance, a humidifier can help to alleviate many of the health issues that come from living in a dry arid climate. A whole-home humidification system ensures your home doesn’t get to moist either, which could lead to dangerous mold growth.

If your air is too dry in the winter and too moist in the summer, and you want it to be just right, call the humidification experts at High Performance Heating & Cooling to give you the best options for your needs. Our licensed, expert technicians can help you choose a humidifier that fits both your needs and budgets.

Unlike other companies, High Performance Heating & Cooling always provides Upfront Pricing so you always know what the price is before we do the work – you are never charged by the hour. You can also relax knowing that all of our licensed and highly trained technicians are background checked and drug tested.

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