American Standard Air Conditioners

Sometimes called the Allegiance® Air Conditioner, this model can work together with other cooling systems in your house using the AccuLink™ Communicating System. Excelling beyond government regulations for the industry regarding efficiency, this brand can save you about 60% in energy bills. Since it uses Charge Assist™ charging, it also provides accurate refrigerant that’s not only safe for the environment but also harmless for the ozone layer. The fan motor has several settings/speeds, all of which are quiet and unobtrusive. Eliminating stifling humidity from the air, thanks to the Spine Fin™ coil and Duration™ compressors, this air conditioner will make you feel cooler indefinitely.

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Bryant Legacy Line Air Conditioners

Bryant supports PURON® refrigerant because it protects the ozone layer but still keeps you cool. The scroll compressor is quiet but energy-efficient. Using Microtube™ Technology, the components inside the galvanized steel cabinet, such as the copper tube and the aluminum fin coil, utilize the air outside to maintain cooling efficiency. The system is manufactured with technology that reduces rust and corrosion. The system easily withstands the elements and still maintains good looks.